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Kalalau Trail (Na Pali Coast State Park)

Kalalau Trail Safety Concerns:

No Emergency Services. In case of emergency, someone must hike out for help or signal a passing helicopter or boat. There is no cellular phone coverage for the Na Pali Coast.

Trail. In places the trail is narrow with steep drop-offs, uneven because of protruding roots and rocks, or slippery because of mud or loose rocks. Wear appropriate footwear.

Crossing Streams. Never cross a flooded stream. Hawaii's gently flowing, clear streams can quickly become deep muddy torrents. Avoid crossing swift flows when the water level is above your knees. Wait - the water level may recede as quickly as it rose.

Ocean Swimming. Swimming, wading, and bodysurfing are not recommended unless you are an experienced swimmer familiar with local conditions. Surf and currents are variable and can be treacherous even during summer. There are no lifeguards.





Mountain Climbing. Hawaii's volcanic mountains are too crumbly for roping or climbing and plants are easily uprooted.

Rockslides and Falling Rocks. Avoid the base of steep cliffs, narrow canyons, and waterfalls whenever possible. Fallen rocks - particularly in areas such as the beach fronting the Kalalau sea caves - indicate the hazards.

Tsunamis (tidal waves). Tsunamis are an infrequent, but great hazard on low-lying coastal areas such as Hanakapi'ai and Kalalau beaches. A few hours warning may be given, unless the waves are locally generated. Evacuate immediately to high ground and do not return until given official clearance. Tsunamis are often preceded by an unusual drop in sea level prior to the first waves.

Hunting. Goat hunting may be permitted on weekends in August and September. Most hunting occurs in Kalalau Valley or above the trail between Hanakoa and Kalalau. Safety zone signs are posted during hunting season. For your safety, hike on the main trails.


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