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Americas State Parks


Park rules are designed to help you and others have an enjoyable visit while protecting the cultural and natural resources. Always observe and adhere to posted signs in the parks. In addition, you can help us by observing the following rules.

ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES: The use or possession of alcoholic beverages is prohibited.

BEGGING AND SOLICITING are prohibited, except pursuant to Section 13-7, HAR.

BOATING VESSELS or any similar buoyant devices are prohibited where posted.

FIRES:  Where not prohibited, build fires in the fireplaces and grills provided. Portable stoves or warming devices may be used in designated camping and picnicking areas unless otherwise prohibited.  Dump live coals only in designated ash pits or receptacles.

GENERATORS: Operation or use of any portable electric generator is prohibited, except with a special use permit.

PETS and other animals are prohibited wherever posted, and are not allowed in restaurants, pavilions, swimming areas, campgrounds, lodges, or on beaches.  Where permitted, pets  are to be crated, caged, on a 6-foot or shorter leash or otherwise under physical restrictive control at all times.  Horses prohibited unless otherwise posted. Please clean up after your pet.

NUDITY is prohibited.

NOISE:  Do not operate any audio device, television, or musical instrument in such a manner and at such times so as to create excessive noise or nuisance.


PLANTS: Leave all plant life undisturbed. Where permitted, reasonable quantities of fruits and seeds may be gathered for personal use.

REPORT OF INJURY OR DAMAGE: All incidents resulting in personal injury or death, or property damage must be reported as soon as possible to the district office, and other appropriate agencies.

SKATING AND SKATEBOARDS are prohibited where posted.

METAL DETECTING DEVICES are allowed on sand beaches only.

VEHICLES: Drive and park motor vehicles only on designated roads and parking areas provided for such usage.

WASTE DISPOSAL: Place all waste in trash cans and pack out trash from wilderness parks.

NATURAL AND CULTURAL RESOURCES: Leave all plants, geological, historical, and archaeological features undisturbed.

WILDLIFE: Leave the wildlife and their habitat undisturbed except where hunting and fishing is permitted subject to all applicable laws and regulations.

LOST AND FOUND ARTICLES are to be deposited by the finder at the nearest police station, or at the park visitor facility.

SUSPECTED VIOLATIONS: Report suspected law and park rule violations to enforcement officers.  On all islands, call 643-DLNR (643-3567), no area code required. For emergencies, dial 911.



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