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Sand Island State Recreation Area

Location: End of Sand Island Access Road, off Nimitz Highway (Highway 92), Sand Island, Honolulu.

Hours: April 1 to Labor Day: 7 am to 7:45 pm

After Labor Day to March 31: 7 am to 6:45 pm

Entrance Fee: None


Work will continue around the clock

HONOLULU, Sept. 25, 2014-- An ongoing sewer main installation will force the closure of Camp area A at Sand Island SRA. The project entails drilling beneath Honolulu Harbor to install an underground sewer main. Due to the the technology required for the drilling, it must now continue 24 hours a day for the forseeable future. This will cause noise impacts to park day users and particularly, overnight campers. Camp Area A, closest to the drilling, will therefore be closed to camping for the duration of the project. The other camp areas B and C are further from the drilling site and will remain open for weekend camping, but will still suffer from noise impacts due to the project. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Description: Sand Island State Recreation Area offers weekends-only shoreline camping within a heavily industrialized area very close to the urban core of Honolulu and the flight path of the Honolulu International Airport. This park is also adjacent to the Sand Island Off Highway Vehicle (OHV) day use riding area - which contains tracks and trails for motorized OHV's and non-motorized BMX bikes.

Sand Island is an arid, urban coastal park which offers picnicking, camping, walking, shore fishing and board surfing. It fronts a small sand beach and has good views of Honolulu Harbor and ocean sunsets. .

14.0 acres

Camping: Camping fees start at $12 per campsite per night.

Services: Restrooms, outdoor showers, camping area, picnic tables, trash cans, drinking water, payphone.


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