Camping on Maui

Have you dreamed of camping on Maui and enjoying the beauty closeup? Are you getting ready to make a trip to explore the Valley Isle? From spending a night under the stars to hiking verdant trails, you can enjoy a camping experience that will be long remembered. Here are some places that might be on your list for enjoying camping on Maui.

Polipoli Spring State Recreation Area

Nestled in the Kula area and composed of ten acres, Polipoli Spring State Recreation Area is a part of the Kula Forest Reserve. Here you'll be surrounded by such trees as redwood, pines, cypress, eucalyptus, tropical ash and China-fir. A permit is required for camping here.Bring warm clothes, as this area has a high elevation of 6200 feet, and temperatures can get to freezing at night. Explore the several hiking trails for a diverse scenic experience. These trails are:

  • The Plum Trail
  • The Haleakala Ridge Trail
  • The Polipoli Trail
  • The Redwood Trail

The park allows hunting, and it is suggested that you wear bright colors while hiking, in order to be clearly seen. Some amenities that are part of Polipoli Spring State Recreation Area are campsites, picnic tables, restrooms and trash cans. You can also find lodging there, if you prefer camping in a cabin.

Waiʻanapanapa State Park

Located at the end of Hana Highway, you'll be amidst black sandy beaches and volcanic-sand that stretches along the ocean. A unique other-world awaits your exploration here. Discover the red tide pools that result during several times of the year. According to science, this results from the small shrimp that inhabit the tidepools; local legend has it that it is really the blood of Popoaleae, a princess that was murdered by her husband. You'll find other exciting discoveries of the diversity of nature as you explore freshwater caves, lava tubes, blowholes and a natural arch of stone. Also view seabird colonies that are part of the park's environment. A permit is required to camp here; enjoy hiking, fishing, beaches, swimming and viewing the abundant beauty of the park. The site is ADA accessible, and lodging as well as camping is offered. Picnic tables, scenic viewing points, restrooms, showers and trashcans are all amenities that are provided by the park. Explore the walking paths, and you will find water fountains to quench your thirst. Fees for Polipoli Spring State Recreation Area and Waiʻanapanapa State ParkThe fee for Hawaii residents is $12 per campsite per night. This is for up to 6 people. Additional people will add $2 per night. The maximum fee is $20.Non-residents pay $18 per night and $3 per additional person. The maximum for non-residents is $30. Children under 2 are free. Lodging at both Polipoli and Waiʻanapanapa is $60 per cabin for residents and $90 per cabin for non-residents. These are some facts you can consider for camping on Maui in two state parks with abundant amenities as well as protected cabins. Both places offer hiking in the unique beauty of nature and the discovery of this island's treasures. You can choose between black-sand beaches or forested trails to enjoy a camping experience that will provide exciting and lasting memories when you are back home.

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