Diamond Head Beach Park

If you find yourself in need of some relaxation away from the busy crowds, head off the beaten path and take the short journey to one of the quieter beaches on Oahu. You’ll enjoy the beauty of the breaking swells, the magnificent views near the Diamond Head turnouts and once you’ve had your fill of the beauty from the top; there are a few paved pathways that lead down to the beach and allow you to walk along the coastline. Diamond Head Beach Park is within walking distance from the end of Waikiki and a quick drive from Kapiolani Park.

In addition to the fantastic views, Diamond Head Beach Park is fun to explore. You’re in for an adventure as you discover the Diamond Head Lighthouse, beachcombing, and stumble upon the tree swing to get that perfect social media post. Don’t forget to look out for the tide pools, and the friendly wind and surfing community. The beach is dog-friendly, a perfect spot for a beach run, and ample spots for a picnic, sunbathing and plenty of parking. In addition, if the conditions are right, you can get some surfing and snorkeling in while visiting this quiet and quaint beach.

There’s also a monument of Amelia Earhart that is near the beach that can be seen along the road. Her monument was built in honor of her solo flight in 1935.

Diamond Head Beach Park is a great spot to mingle with the locals and fellow tourists. Since this spot isn’t overly crowded, the people who frequent this spot are welcoming and warm. It’s a good spot to do some kitesurfing or good ole fashioned surfing, with the open ocean and short paddle out. Keep in mind that the surfing is better during the summer months.

Diamond Head was formed from a volcano. The shape of the volcanic tuff cone and ridgeline resembles a tuna’s dorsal fin. In 1825, British sailors named the mountain, Diamond Hill after mistakenly thinking they found diamonds in the sand - they turned out to be sparkling volcanic crystals. Later, Diamond Head received a National Natural Landmark declaration in 1968. In addition, Diamond Head lookout was previously used as a military lookout, since it provided panoramic views of Waikiki and parts of the southern shore of Oahu.

If part of your relaxing Hawaiian vacation also includes plans to get out and explore more, then check out Diamond Head State Monument. The monument offers stellar views overlooking the ocean and Honolulu after a short hike. The hike isn’t far from the edge of the 300,000-year-old crater. If you are interested in learning more about Diamond Head State Monument and want to get more details pertaining to the conditions of the hike, hours of operation, parking, and fees, please click on the following link for more information.  



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