Kauai Boat Tours

Kauai boat tours are great way to explore many great and wondrous destinations surrounding the island.

Boat Tour Destinations & Activities

With raft boat tours you have the chance to see the beautiful coast and cliffs of Kauai. These trips can take you into the caves that surround the island and you can explore the coves that frequent the caves. Also, the raft tours will take you under waterfalls giving you a once in a lifetime memory.

You can go into the ocean and snorkel with the fish. Friends and family are encouraged to do this. You can also swim with the dolphins while you snorkel.

You can take a break from snorkeling and swimming to explore an ancient Hawaiian village while you have lunch. You can take one of the various cruises that they offer.  

You can explore the vast beauty that runs through the Wailua River and the Waimea Canyon. If you choose to do so, you can go scuba diving in the water of Kauai. They have sunset boat tours (including dinner) that should be at the top of any romantic getaway.

The Napali Coast

Along the coast of Kauai, you can see various wonders that will take your breath away.  Taking a Kauai boat tour provides a different vantage point for experiencing the Napali Coast.  Hiking the Napali Coast provides amazing views, but so do the boat tours (you might also consider helicopter or airplane tours to see the coast).

See the archaeological site of a 12th-century Hawaiian fishing village, as well as the longest white sand beach in Hawaii.  In addition, as you travel by the coast, you'll see the towering spires and large valleys that align the Napali Coast.

Witness coral reefs, along with vivid sea life that lives there.  If you're visiting from January - April, you may see humpback whales during their migration season.

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