7 Unique Hawaii Experiences

Most people know Hawaii for its gorgeous beaches. While Hawaii does boast some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, it also provides some rare once in a lifetime experiences. So don't miss your chance to cross these unique Hawaii experiences off your bucket list!

Swim with Sharks

While sharks are typically the last thing that you'd want to encounter in open waters, it can be a once in a lifetime, adrenaline pumping experience that you'll never forget when your protected.  Swim with some sharks as a part of a tour and you'll have a story to share for the rest of your lifetime.  As a part of a guided tour, you'll be paired with a trained professional in a cage that protects you from the sharks, while you have a chance to admire them closer than you'd ever be able to get to them safely.

Learn to Surf on the North Shore

If you're going to learn to surf, why not do it right?  You can learn to surf on any old beach with waves or you can surf on Oahu's famous North Shore where surfers flock from all over the world to test their skills.  Learn to surf on the North Shore and you can brag to your friends that you took on waters typically occupied by the most elite surfers in the world.  Surfing on North Shore is definitely a unique Hawaii experience.

Spearfishing Class

If you enjoy fishing or hunting, then this one's for you.  Go underwater with your instructor and catch some of Hawaii's unique fishes.  While spearfishing originally involved tossing a spear at a fish, modern day uses powered devices (often pneumatically powered by compressed gas) to catch fish.

Fly Above a Live Volcano

One of things that makes Hawaii unique are the volcanoes which created the islands.  In fact, the live Hawaiian volcanoes continue to spew into Pacific Ocean as you read this.  Take a helicopter ride above one of Hawaii's live volcanoes for some of the best views of the beauty and power of lava flowing.  For those who want to make it a little more exciting, they can take a helicopter ride with the doors off and feel the burning heat emanating from the volcanoes.

Lava Hike

Speaking of lava, there are actually hikes that you can take on the Big Island that allow you to get up close and personal with the fiery magma.  These hikes allow you to get some exercise while experiencing the volcanoes.

Night Snorkeling with Mantas

There's plenty of snorkeling in Hawaii, but for one of the more unique snorkeling experiences try swimming with mantas at night.  While mantas can reach a ton in weight, they move elegantly and beautiful sights to see.  Watch the plankton eaters glide past you effortlessly as the lights illuminate a beautiful blue background.

See Some of Hawaii's Endangered Birds

Hawaii's colorful birds are a sight to behold.  Have your cameras handy as tours take you to see some of these amazing creatures.  For an even more unique experience, try taking a tour to see some of Hawaii's most endangered birds.

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