Haʻena State Park


  • Gateway to the renowned Na Pali Coast with towering cliffs and lush valleys.
  • Lumahai Beach, a crescent-shaped haven with golden sands and turquoise waters.
  • Limahuli Garden and Preserve, a cultural and botanical sanctuary showcasing native Hawaiian plants.

Nestled on the north shore of Kauai, Haʻena State Park is a pristine coastal gem that encapsulates the natural beauty and cultural richness of Hawaii.

Na Pali Coast Vistas

Haʻena serves asthe gateway to the renowned Na Pali Coast. Towering emerald cliffs, lush valleys, and cascading waterfalls paint a mesmerizing backdrop, making it a must-visit for nature enthusiasts and hikers.

Lumahai Beach

The park features the stunning Lumahai Beach, a crescent-shaped haven embraced by verdant cliffs. Its golden sands and turquoise waters make it an ideal spot for sun bathing, picnicking, and simply reveling in the beauty of the surroundings.

Limahuli Garden and Preserve

Discover the Limahuli Garden and Preserve within the park, where native Hawaiian plants thrive amidst terraced taro fields. This cultural and botanical haven offer sin sight into Hawaii's natural heritage.

Haʻena State Park invites visitors to unwind in a coastal paradise while appreciating the island's diverse landscapes and cultural significance.

6 State Hwy
Ha’ena, HI 96714







ADA Accessible


Parking Lot

Picnic Tables




Residents = Free with Hawaii DL or ID

Non-residents = $5 per person

Reservation Required

Children 3 and under = Free