Palaʻau State Park


  • Palaʻau State Park on Moloka'i unfolds as a haven of tranquility, inviting visitors to explore lush landscapes and verdant trails that capture the unspoiled beauty of the island.
  • The iconic Kalaupapa Overlook within the park offers panoramic views of majestic cliffs and the historic Kalaupapa Peninsula, allowing visitors to contemplate the isolation that defined a poignant chapter in Hawaiian history.
  • Rich in historical and cultural treasures, Palaʻau State Park features the sacred Phallic Rock, offering a glimpse into ancient Hawaiian traditions and rituals. The park's cultural tapestry adds depth to the serene retreat, creating a unique blend of natural and historical heritage on Moloka'i.

Nestled on the serene island of Moloka'i, Palaʻau State Park is a haven of tranquility that seamlessly blends natural beauty with historical significance. Explore the lush landscapes, ancient groves, and the iconic Kalaupapa Overlook, as we unravel the unique charm of this captivating park.

Lush Landscapes and Verdant Trails

Palaʻau StatePark welcomes visitors with lush landscapes and verdant trails that meander through its natural wonders. The scent of native flora fills the air as you traverse the paths, offering a serene escape into Moloka'i's unspoiled beauty.

Iconic Kalaupapa Overlook

The park is home to the iconic Kalaupapa Overlook, providing panoramic views of the majestic cliffs and the historic Kalaupapa Peninsula. Gaze upon the vast Pacific Ocean and contemplate the isolation that once defined this poignant chapter in Hawaii an history.

Historical and Cultural Treasures

Palaʻau State Park holds cultural treasures, including the Phallic Rock, a sacred site with historical significance. As you explore, feel the echoes of ancient Hawaiian traditions and rituals that enrich the park's cultural tapestry.

Palaʻau State Park invites you to a tranquil retreat on Moloka'i, where the intertwining of lush landscapes and historical site screates an immersive experience. Whether you're wandering through verdanttrails, gazing at the Kalaupapa Peninsula, or connecting with cultural treasures, Palaʻau offers a journey through the heart of Moloka'i's natural and historical heritage.

Highway 47
Ho’olehua, HI 96729
(808) 567-6083


Camping (permit required)



ADA Accessible


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Entrance Fee : None

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