Heʻeia State Park


  • Heʻeia State Park, nestled on Oahu's windward side, harmonizes cultural heritage with natural beauty, featuring the iconic H-ōku-leʻa voyaging canoe and ancient fishponds.
  • Visitors enjoy lush landscapes and activities like kayaking, while educational initiatives and preservation efforts connect them to Hawaii's rich heritage.
  • In Heʻeia State Park, the timeless spirit of Hawaii is celebrated through traditions shaping the island's identity for generations.

Nestled on Oahu's windward side, Heʻeia State Park weaves together cultural heritage and stunning natural landscapes. This coastal haven beckons visitors to explore historical sites, lush surroundings, and activities that honor Hawaii's rich legacy.

Cultural Legacy

Heʻeia State Park is a cultural hub, featuring the renowned H-ōku-leʻa voyaging canoe. It stands as a tribute to traditional Hawaiian navigation, reviving ancient wayfinding techniques and embodying the islanders' seafaring heritage.

Ancient Fishponds

Home to traditional Hawaiian fishponds, like the expansive Keʻalohi fishpond, the park showcases ancient aquaculture practices. These ponds stand as testament to Hawaiians' resourcefulness in sustaining communities through thoughtful resource management.

Lush Landscapes and Activities

Heʻeia's lush landscapes provide a scenic canvas for outdoor activities. Visitors can kayak along serene waters, with the Koʻolau Mountains as a backdrop. Guided tours offer insights into the park's cultural and environmental treasures.

Education and Community Engagement

Dedicated to education, the park fosters a deeper understanding of Hawaiian culture, conservation, and sustainable living. Events, workshops, and cultural demonstrations offer immersive experiences, connecting visitors to the island's rich heritage.

Preservation Commitment

Heʻeia State Park actively engages in preservation efforts, safeguarding its historical and environmental gems. The park aligns with broader initiatives in Hawaii to sustainably preserve its unique ecosystems, contributing to the global appreciation of these islands.

In Heʻeia State Park, visitors immerse themselves in Hawaii's timeless spirit, celebrating traditions that have shaped the island's identity for generations.

46-465 Kamehameha Hwy
Kaneohe, HI 96744
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