Royal Mausoleum State Monument


  • The Royal Mausoleum State Monument, or Mauna Ala, nestled beneath the Koʻolau Range, is a sacred resting place for Hawaiian royalty, including King Kamehameha IV and Queen Emma.
  • Established in 1865 to address the high mortality rate among the Hawaiian royal family, the mausoleum's regal grounds are adorned with intricately crafted tombs, surrounded by lush greenery, providing a serene atmosphere for reflection.
  • Beyond being a final resting place, Mauna Ala holds deep historical significance, playing a crucial role in preserving Hawaiian culture and educating visitors about the monarchy's legacy through interpretive displays and guided tours.

Enter a realm of sacred serenity and historical significance as we unveil the Royal Mausoleum State Monument, a sanctuary also known as Mauna Ala. Nestled beneath the grandeur of the Koʻolau Range, this revered site bears witness to Hawaii's rich royal history, offering a solemn tribute to the legacy of the Hawaiian monarchy. Join us on a journey into the heart of this hallowed ground, where historical echoes and spiritual reverence converge, preserving the stories of the past for generations yet to come.

Regal Grounds

The Royal Mausoleum's regal grounds, lush with tropical greenery and punctuated by ancient trees, provide a serene atmosphere for reflection and remembrance. The meticulously maintained surroundings evoke a sense of tranquility, inviting visitors to explore and pay their respects.

Final Resting Place

The mausoleum serves as the final resting place for notable Hawaiian monarchs, including King Kamehameha IV, Queen Emma, and other members of the royal family. Their tombs, adorned with intricate stonework and symbolic Hawaiian motifs, contribute to the spiritual aura of Mauna Ala.

Historical Significance

Established in 1865 by King Kamehameha IV to address the need for a centralized burial site for Hawaiian royalty, the Royal Mausoleum holds immense historical significance. Its construction was a response to the high mortality rate among the Hawaiian royal family during that era.

Spiritual Practices

The site is a place of spiritual practices and ceremonies, reflecting the deep connection between the Hawaiian people and their ancestors. Visitors may witness traditional rituals and offerings, emphasizing the cultural importance of the mausoleum in honoring the departed.

Cultural Preservation

Preserving and perpetuating Hawaiian culture, the Royal Mausoleum State Monument plays a vital role in educating visitors about the monarchy's legacy. Interpretive displays and guided tours offer insights into the lives of the royals interred within the sacred grounds.

A Place of Reverence

The Royal Mausoleum State Monument is more than a burial site; it is a sacred place of reverence, embodying the spiritual and historical essence of Hawaii's royal lineage. As visitors traverse its hallowed grounds, they partake in a meaningful journey through the annals of Hawaiian history, honoring the legacies of those who shaped the islands' destiny.

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