Lava Tree State Monument


  • Unique lava tree molds showcase the park's volcanic history.
  • A surprising botanical oasis with native plants and vibrant ferns.
  • Serene exploration along a loop trail through the captivating landscape.

Nestled in the Puna district, Lava Tree State Monument unveils a surreal landscape shaped by the forces of nature.

Lava Tree Formations

The park is renowned for its unique lava tree molds, created when a lava flow swept through a forested area. The result is a captivating display of tree-shaped lava formations, frozen in time and standing as a testament to the island's volcanic past.

Botanical Oasis

Amidst the volcanic terrain, Lava Tree State Monument surprises visitors with pockets of lush greenery. Native plants and vibrant ferns thrive in the shadow of the hardened lava, offering a stark yet beautiful contrast to the surrounding black landscape.

Peaceful Exploration

The park provides a serene setting for exploration. A loop trail winds through the lava molds and botanical wonders, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the unique blend of volcanic history and resilient plant life.

Lava Tree State Monument is a testament to the ever-changing nature of Hawaii's landscapes, where the ancient dance between lava and life creates a truly otherworldly experience.

Pahoa-Kapoho Road (Highway 132) Puna district
Pahoa, HI
(808) 974-6200





ADA Accessible

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Entrance Fee : None