Puʻu ʻUalakaʻa State Wayside


  • • Puʻu ʻUalakaʻa State Wayside, nestled above Honolulu, is a scenic oasis known for its panoramic views of the city skyline against the Pacific backdrop.
  • • Enveloped in lush foliage and native plants, the wayside features trails for nature exploration, providing a sensory escape with tropical scents and birdsong.
  • • With recreational opportunities, historical remnants from World War II, and the allure of sunset splendor, Puʻu ʻUalakaʻa invites visitors to unwind in the cool mountain air and appreciate the evolving beauty of Honolulu and the Pacific Ocean.

Tucked away amidst the verdant hills overlooking Honolulu, Puʻu ʻUalakaʻa State Wayside invites you to experience its peaceful charm and sweeping panoramas. This lush haven serves as a serene retreat for both residents and visitors, providing a harmonious mix of natural beauty, recreational possibilities, and awe-inspiring views that stretch across the city and out to the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean.

Scenic Overlook

Puʻu ʻUalakaʻa, often referred to as "Tantalus," serves as a scenic overlook with vantage points that showcase the iconic skyline of Honolulu. The viewing area provides an ideal setting for capturing the beauty of the city against the backdrop of the azure Pacific.

Lush Foliage and Trails

The wayside is enveloped in lush foliage, featuring a variety of native plants and trees. Trails meander through the verdant landscape, allowing nature enthusiasts and hikers to explore the rich biodiversity of the area. The scent of tropical flowers and the soothing sounds of birdsong create a sensory escape.

Recreational Opportunities

Puʻu ʻUalakaʻa offers a range of recreational opportunities, including picnicking areas where visitors can unwind amidst the natural beauty. Families, friends, and solo explorers can enjoy a leisurely day surrounded by the cool mountain air and the tranquility of the forested hills.

Historical Significance

The site holds historical significance, with remnants of military installations from World War II adding a layer of interest. Interpretive signs provide insights into the area's past, offering a glimpse into how the landscape has evolved over time.

Sunset Splendor

As the day transitions into evening, Puʻu ʻUalakaʻa becomes a prime spot for witnessing the spectacular hues of a Hawaiian sunset. The panoramic views extend from Diamond Head to the Waianae Range, creating a magical atmosphere as the sun dips below the horizon.

Puʻu ʻUalakaʻa State Wayside stands as a verdant haven above Honolulu, inviting all who ascend its trails to savor the tranquility, immerse themselves in nature, and witness the ever-changing beauty of the cityscape and the Pacific Ocean beyond.

2760 Round Top Dr.
Honolulu, HI 96822





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